Buying or Selling Gold/Silver

Customers who want to sell gold or silver can call  800-788-7481 and anyone that answers the phone should be able to help you with buying or selling whichever you may want to do.

Selling Gold/Silver - As a customer, prices can be locked in and a PO# is given to the customer. Once we have received the merchandise a check will be issued. Customers can also wait and lock in the price at a later date. Once the material is locked in and received then a check will be issued.

Buying Gold/Silver - When a customer wants to purchase gold/silver they can call and talk to anyone that answers the phone and should be able to help them find want they are looking for. They will also give the current pricing to the customer at that time. If a customer is not sure what the are looking for we can help with that as well.


Assay Charge is $65.00 for all Gold/Silver

Gold Assay -
To do an assay you must have at least 3 TO to have a gold assay done. We do not buy gold filled computer parts, bench polishings, sand paper, buffing wheels or anything low grade (lower than 30%).

Silver Assay -  We do not buy contacts, silver solder, wet material from photo or anything low grade. (lower than 70%).